ThermOhm efficiency is 99.8% – Power density – design of the electrodes – lenght vs wide vs distance.

ThermOhm (TO) Radiant Heating “Paint” falls within the EU low voltage directive range 12-24VDC (as such did not provide for the use of CE marking) Note: This is pure about the TO paint not about the electrical appliances you want to connect to it, also we are not about the power given to the TO paint.

Dutch newspapers report that within three years it should be forbidden to buy a gas-fired central heating boiler.
Those who still use a classic gas-fired boiler in 2021 may continue to use them. Only when it has to be replaced, there must be an environmentally friendly alternative to the place, according to the newspapers. Binnen drie jaar verkoopverbod voor cv-ketels

This would mean that “ThermOhm” is one of the hottest alternatives on the market. More and more people will realize this very soon.

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Business model is not selling the paint but rather install it as (extra) heating as it significantly reduces costs on a scale unseen before.
Gym, Sport or Yoga centers could special benefit form the far infrared as the heat has health aspects for human tissue.

Some values required for sheet resistance are evaluated for, respectively a 90 x 150 cm, a 60 x 90 cm and a 18 x 150 cm heater powered by 12, 24 and 120 V and with a power density PD of 0.15 W/cm2.

Minimising the sheet resistance and maximising the average gradient of electrical potential is related to the optimal design of the electrodes. As a consequence film thickness has to be increased and distances between electrodes have to be reduced (for instance to 20 x 30 cm) increasing a number of contacts (similar to car rear windshield heater) to obtain different sheet resistance and values. The latter is related to the optimal design of the electrodes.

PD = Power Density; E = Applied voltage; L = Length (i.e. separation between the electrodes) of conductive coating (cms) W =
length of conductive coating (cms) PT = total power of the system (Watts) RL = approximate line (i.e assuming no resistance from
the electrodes, wire & connectors, or wire to wire resistance) [Ω] R = Coating resistance [Ω/□].

Theoretical knowledge can often lead to a deeper understand of a concept through seeing it in context of a greater whole and understanding the why behind it.. Practical knowledge — helps you acquire the specific techniques that become the tools of your trade.
The concept of our clients for ThermOhm is that they do not sell the paint but rather sell it as complete and installed heating in houses and offices.

Once you have it, you can do tests, first on small scale obtaining knowledge and We’ll guide you with all the in and outs to master it.