ThermOhm (TO) electrical wall and floor heating system

ThermOhm belongs to the future of heating on the world market. TO (ThermOhm) is formulated for special purpose for the future, ThermOhm can reach maximum temperature of 465 Celsius (°C) depending on the energy delivered, it can take-by far more >1000W per 1m2 😎the limit is just not the power but the maximum temperature that is acceptable to achieve.
Think in the direction of using daylight solar panels there is new generation solar panels more efficient so the heating is for free.

Here are the last test results from our client in Taiwan:
The ThermOhm was applied and a heat-gun was used to accelerate the drying

8.7 ohm
After 2 min

24V x 3.4A = 81.6W
after 5 min.

You can adjust the voltage and/or ampere to get a higher or lower temperature.

Pyrex glass is suitable for use to +500°C. This makes it an ideal choice for TO and would be the most efficient heating panel ever as an approximately 40% higher efficiency of energy transfer is achieved than with conventional IR panels. This efficiency is also maintained over the years.

ThermOhm can run on all kind of voltages DC or AC it does not matter as energy is energy and there is no discrimination it simply takes all on and is super energy efficient.
For transformer please check this link: I would go for 1200 Watt or 500 Watt

30cm distance electrodes 4cm copper tape electrodes and overlap paint also electrodes to increase the 4cm width coppertapes