ThermOhm Partners wanted – Paint any wall into a radiant heater.

For this new innovative paint system, we are looking for solid partners

ThermOhm is an alternative heat source which can be easily applied on surfaces to give warmth on spots where heaters are difficult to or can’t be placed or for people with an aesthetic appreciation for minimalism in homes, offices etc.

ThermOhm has taken great interests and orders. It is big business for our clients.

The concept of our clients for ThermOhm is that they do not sell the paint but rather sell it as complete and installed heating in houses and offices.
Typical values ​​in watts per square meter of room size (with room height up to 2.60 m) : the passive house (15 W / m² 3-liter house) is 30 W / m², the low energy house 40 W / m² , in the house insulated according to EnEV (WLG 035-040 60), the power value is 80 W / m² and in the old building (not insulated house) 120 W / m².

From principle, ThermOhm is very simple applied, you will see that it is getting HOT! Simply use roller when applying it. Place 2 copper tape stripes and start applying ThermOhm with paint-roller
Use copper foil tape with conductive adhesive for the electrodes. Let it dry for 24 hours, it must be completely cured (dry) before energizing it. Read all in and outs on ThermOhm Architect Portfolio

ThermOhm heating system, is the most efficient heating system.

Mold control – The space-saving alternative to classic heating is applied to walls, ceilings or floors, which are to act as heating. This usually requires an insulation plaster, on which copper conductor tracks are applied. Subsequently, the resulting gaps are filled with the ThermOhm that sends the heat radiation directly to the objects in the room and thereby heats their surfaces and not the air around it. The effect of this type of radiant heat can be imagined the sun rays during the winter walk: although the environment is very cold, you can still feel a pleasant warmth of the sun directly on the skin or clothes. Thanks to the uniform and widespread warming of the walls and objects in the room we prevent condensation. This deprives the mold of the nutrient medium and damp walls dry out. Thanks to the 24V voltage, the system of ThermOhm is absolutely harmless, even with respect to nails or screws, which are put into the wall afterwards.

Turn any wall into a radiant heater. Using low energy consumption the ThermOhm is the world’s first ever electric heating paint-on system. Using safe extra low voltages the ThermOhm is suitable for every type of room, patio, garage, outside cabin, etc.

ThermOhm can be completely painted over using any water based decorative paint making it invisible to the naked eye. Most efficient heating system,, no requirement for any boilers, radia- tors, pipes, water, tanks, gas or oil. The wall or ceiling becomes the radiator which will free up valuable space in your property.


If interested, obtain the ThermOhm offer (enabling to test it for yourself) and we can discuss agent opportunities.

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