ThermOhm heat generating paint application

ThermOhm is an alternative heat source which can be easily applied on surfaces to give warmth on spots where heaters are difficult to or can’t be placed or for people with an aesthetic appreciation for minimalism in homes, offices etc. Read all in and outs on ThermOhm Architect Portfolio

Thermohm Electromagnetic Paint Nano-structured.
The coating acts as a super capacitor to store energy to discharge it in plasmonic waves at short wavelength also know as far infrared.
The coating has a low heat storage capacity, as a result of which the generated heat is directly released into the environment.
When electricity flows through the paint film, it comes across a natural resistance between the individual nano-particles. These “collisions” generate heat.
The heat is generated by direct use of non-hazardous low-voltage sources (e.g. car/motorcycle 12/24 V battery or solar power)

Thermohm Heat generating paint has a wide field of possible uses.

  • Heating your garage, boat, truck, car, everywhere where heating is required..
  • De-icing – removal of snow, ice or frost from a surface, also prevent parts from icing.
  • Heating of surface of any shape.
  • Very easy to apply, like any other paint.
  • Direct use of low-voltage sources (e.g. 12/24VDC battery, solar power).
  • Very simple electrical connection.
  • Simple regulation and control.
  • High electrical safety as it works on VDC low voltage.
  • Perfectly uniform heating of large surface areas without hot spots.
  • Very cost-efficient heat in all aspects.
  • High heating power.
  • Heat up and cool down almost immediately.

32 oz covers approx: >54 ft²/32oz


Thermohm Heat Generating Paint is an aqueous non-hazardous substance and non-dangerous. Aqueous means water-based or waterborne paint.
Appropiate minimum paint film thickness (wet/ dry) 200 μm / 45 μm
Sheet resistance = approx 15 Ω @ 45 μm
Heat Dissipation: >60°C ( >140°F ) DC 12 Volt
Far infrared radiation feels like comfortable heat like sunlike radiant heat.
The heat generating paint must be completely cured (dry) before using it as heat generating paint.
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ThermOhm is easy to apply for more information please read the ThermOhm guidance.

The application use (how and where) is up to your creativity. ThermOhm paint provides heating where YOU need it. Use common logic.
ThermOhm coat: Any geometry possible, Also to install corners, Best possible distribution of heat in the room, Best possible energy efficiency, Almost unlimited lifetime.