New 12VDC LitCoat EL driver

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New driver technology, custom made electroluminescent paint driver workhorse!
Customized EL driver controllable frequency Hz output.

It has 4 functions: It can blink (strobe) it can alter the frequency Hz and/or constant or off.

Truly “Perfect” in combination with our Boost converter

12V DC to 120V AC inverters convert DC current into conventional AC electricity at 1800Hz. When working with EL Paint, make sure you have a high quality driver which means the difference in your lighting up paint projects. Some are stable and reliably, versus not glowing at all. Some drivers on the market today do not have the capacity of lighting up EL Paint, you can email us anytime when searching for the appropriate EL Paint drivers.

Drive Size: < 1 square feet
Power: 1 to 50W
Input Voltage: 12-24V or AC85V-245V
Working Voltage & Frequency: AC80-130V – 600-1800Hz
Brightness adjustable: Yes
Size: 8,5cm x 5cm x 3,5cm
Kg/pc: 0.19

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