Boost converter – step up the input VDC


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Within electroluminescent the intensity of light can be adjusted when you provide more input voltage to your EL inverter.

Perfect in combination with our 12VDC LitCoat EL Driver

This boost converter is able to step up the voltage increasing your light intensity.
• Input voltage: DC3-34V – Output voltage: DC 4-35V (Continuously adjustable); Max input current:3A; Max output current:2.5A.
• With the function of voltmeter, can display the voltage of both input and output, high accuracy(+/-0.1V), wide measuring range(DC 0-40V).
• Short press the button can switch the voltage display between input and output, red LED lights on when testing input voltage and green LED lights on when testing output voltage.
• Press and hold the button 3sec can shut down the LED display, press it again can open it.
• With wiring terminals, can be conveniently used without soldering, and the module also have solder wire connection point.
• Dimensions: 2 9/16″ x 1 3/8″