2nd generation EL Paint Starter 4oz Kit




EL Paint kit PRO is an electroluminescent starter paint system and is based on the latest chemical nano-engineered materials.


Education version” EL paint kit Bundle for testing or education Includes:

LitCoat multicomponent high pigment load electroluminescent paint system.

  • LC1 – 4 oz. LitCoat Carbon Conductive polymer.
  • LC2 – 4 oz. Polarization polymer
  • LC3 – 4 oz. LitColor Supernova polymer
  • LC4 – 2 oz. LitCoat Conductive transparent polymer.

(Green color – is the brightest and lights up greenish/white -can be top-coated/sealed with other tinted color )
Please be advised that the color white in electroluminescence is off-white or White/Blueish/Greenish and not pure white.

All LitCoat products are Non Dangerous, adheres to all rules and regulations.
All orders will be processed and shipped within 7-20 business days.
New formulation, more light and much lower price.
It goes on as any normal car clear coat and needs to be applied thin and conformal.

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Green, Aqua, Orange, White, Blue