Learning EL Paint Starter Test Kit mix to your needs


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Suitable for EL paint and/or screen printing – 2nd Generation EL Paint PRO is special made for Professionals in the automotive Industry whom want to be on top of the game!

Electroluminescent paint is based on pure logic also the intensity of the luminance.

The 8oz training kit Bundle, is superior to everything  as you can adjust and mix to your needs.

Using your own Paints

This EL Paint package can be used also in 2k paints but mix it prior adding hardener and then add the hardener.
Can be used in solvent and water based paints. With this EL package you can adjust the electroluminescent paint system to your own standards and application.

Shipment is included in price.

All LitCoat products are Non Hazardous, Non Dangerous, Non Toxic, adheres to all rules and regulations.

The 8oz Bundle contains and includes:

LitCoat 1 (8 oz.) – Power remittance layer.
LitCoat 2 (2 oz.) – Isolates the 2 power remittance layers. in powder form, simply mix 15-25% in acrylic or urethane base, binder/medium or clear.
LitCoat 3 (2 oz.) – LitCoat green color layer. in powder form, simply mix in 15-25% in acrylic or urethane base, binder/medium or clear.
LitCoat 4 (4 oz.) – Power remittance layer transparent.

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