1 Kg EL Powder particle size 8-10μm


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1 Kg electroluminescent pigment powder particle size 8-10μm Electroluminescent Powder. High brightness EL powder particle size 8-10μm is providing the highest EL brightness in electroluminescent coating systems.

The “Green” and “Aqua” yields the utmost brightness satisfaction among our clients.

It is rare to find this high density grade outside of LitCoat, it is far brighter than similarly named products available on the Internet
This powder needs to be mixed in your own medium.
As guidance: add approx 10- 20% powder and mix within your own clear or intercoat medium.
There really is no right or wrong way. It’s all based on testing out what works for you and experience.

1 Kg High brightness Electroluminescent Powder.
Sufficient for 5x 1 liter LumiPigment layer paint.
(When 15-20% powder is mixed within your own clear or intercoat)

So, in liters the estimate is with 1 Kg EL powder you make 5 liter  paint and dilute with solvent 2:1 that gives 7.5 liter spray-able material.
As guidance: 1 liter paint is good for 8 squire meter (depends on variables as your over-spray, film thickness, layers etc)

All our products are Non Hazardous, Non Dangerous, Non Toxic.
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Green, Aqua, Orange, White, Blue

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