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Unbeatable Price the Royal King Bundle for Kings in the industry: LitCoat Dealer Package.

If it is too much, sell some of your paint.

Light emitting paint – Be your own Lumi… (you name it) specialist with advanced highest quality nanotechnologies at the lowest cost possible.
Once you have mixed the light emitting paint system materials within your own clear or intercoat, thinner-ratio can be added to aid flow which gives you even more sprayable material.
For light emitting paint professionals in the automotive Industry whom want to be on top of the game!
Electroluminescent paint is based on pure logic also the intensity of the luminance.
This is superior to everything – as you can adjust to your needs.

Start your own business and sell your own EL paint.  No restrictions.

This can be used also in 2k paints but mix it prior adding hardener and then add the hardener.
Can be using in solvent and water based paints. You can adjust the electroluminescent paint system to your own standards and applications.

Shipment is included in price.

For the Royal King Bundle – Electroluminescent paint system real cost guidance – (The figure mentioned is just a rough estimate)
5 liter = 30m² = 322ft² = US$2998 /46368in²  = $0.07/in² – there are 4 layers needed = $0.28/in² -(28 US dollar cents per square inch)

All LitCoat products are Non Hazardous, Non Dangerous, Non Toxic, adheres to all rules and regulations.

Royal King electroluminescent paint re-seller package.

Royal King Bundle package contains and includes

LC1 – 2 x 32 oz LitCoat Conductive polymer.
Sufficient for 4x 32oz
(1:1 mixing with water required)

LC2 – 32 oz Isolating powder concentrated.
Sufficient for 4x 32oz polarization/isolating layer paint.
(When 20 – 25% pigment is mixed within your own clear or intercoat)

LC3 – 32 oz LitColor Supernova Pigment
Sufficient for 4x 32oz LumiPigment layer paint.
(When 20 – 25% pigment is mixed within your own clear or intercoat) – There really is no right or wrong way. It’s all based on testing out what works for you and experience. Mixing is the same as when using pearl or flakes.
Choose emission color at checkout (Green and Aqua are the brightest)

LC4 – 2 x 32 oz LitCoat Conductive transparent polymer.
Sufficient for 4x 32oz

10 x DC12V 2.5W EL small inverter is included.

General thickness for each layer is 200 µm wet film, 80 µm dry film.

The LC2 and LC3 are in powder form and you simply can mix them in acrylic binder

With “each” 32oz “EL” or “Polarization” pigment you make 5 liters paint and dilute with solvent 2:1 that it gives 7.5 liter spray-able material.  As guidance: 1 liter paint is good for 5-7 squire meter (depends on variables as your over-spray, film thickness, layers etc)

The LC4 (LitCoat Conductive Clear) – For beginners, use it as it is and for advanced professional painters, they can dilute the conductive transparent clear with IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) up to 1:1
How to apply LitCoat Conductive Transparent Polymer

The shipping to your address is included.
Dedicated assistance until your first light of your own production/manufacturing.

Every paint-shop you visit will be keen to buy it locally and your profit margin can be set by yourself.

The materials in this package, enables you to cover or partly cover your car in light emitting EL paint.
Electroluminescent paint is based on pure logic also the intensity of the luminance.

Royal King Bundle – reseller package.

Please note availability is limited and we may withdraw or change this offer any time.
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Additional information

1st 16oz color

Green, Aqua, Orange, White

2nd 16oz color

Green, Aqua, Orange, White