Why the “Myths” About Paramagnetic Car Paint May Actually Be True!

What is Paramagnetic paint?

Color changing paint is paint that contains pigmentation that emits electroluminescent light, based on the change of electrical fields. Shown on the video is color change true frequency Hz alternation of the electrical fields.

2nd generation electroluminescent EL color changing paramagnetic paint color change true frequency Hz alternation

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How car paint technology is changing, paramagnetic paint or color changing paint can be based on:

(A) Electroluminescent light based

(1) “color addition” (created with light energy) The production of various colors of light by the mixing of colors of light is known as color addition.


(B) Paint changing colors as voltage is varied! (12VDC On – Off)

(2) Color changing car paint or Paramagnetic Paint changing colors as voltage is varied! (12VDC On or Off). If someone says or writes that paramagnetic paint or color changing paint does not exist, just show them this video proof below.
You can change the color of the paint on your car with the click of a button.

Modified Liquid Crystal Color is alive and infinitely controllable – Would that be the nifty color killer for your motorbike or car?

(C) Liquid Crystal Paint

Liquid crystal paint for sale. This is the place where to buy liquid crystal paint or mood ring paint at the lowest price! This is the most awesome coating on the planet and changes reversible to many colors based on temperature differences like sunlight or outside temperatures. Liquid crystal paint is the most technologically advanced special effect paint that exists. Liquid crystal paint represents the most amazing and technologically advanced special effects paint: Its surface reacts to changes in temperature by producing multiple color changes: It is extremely sensitive to any subtle temperature changes in the substrate or air (a simple breath allows to activate it and is reversible). – <77°F(25°C) transparent 80°F(27°C) Red 84°F(29°C) Green 87°F(31°C) Blue + >111°F(44°C) Transparent.

An amazing and completely new chapter in paramagnetic paint or paint in general. LitCoat is the next leap forward in paramagnetic color changing paint coatings.

Read more here about the: success story of litcoat electroluminescent paint.

Why order LitCoat?
Color changing paints
Color changing paint is called paramagnetic paint
LitCoat EL for paramagneticpaint
How to LitCoat Paramagneticpaint
It goes on as every car paint
Why use a primer?

Control the car color of the color

Color changing Car Paints

Color changing paints are a modification of LitCoat electroluminescent paint system based on applying cross linked LitCoat paint layers.  You can do this with obtaining the “One of our EL packages” and if you want more additional colors they can be obtained at LitCoat Color

The sequence is from principle always the same:

(1) power remittance layer (Leave spot open for connection point to inverter)
(2) Isolator layer
(3) LitCoat Pigment layer
(4) power remittance layer (With or without bus-bar)
(5) Sealing clear coat – (use your own clear coat)

Color changing car paint is called paramagnetic paint.

We received many question about paramagnetic paint and basically the questions were about if I could explain how the procedure of the color changing paint works,  and how to create multi colors on a panel and make it change colors. Mind you, paramagnetic paint is within constantly R&D, many new improvements and materials such as nano materials and combinations of materials are constantly emerging the market.

We are aware of the hoax on YouTube where the color of the car is changing,using adobe software. Although brilliant presented, those movies are fake obviously, however our paramagnetic paint/mixing electroluminescent layering paint is very real. LitCoat is the most premium tuning paint in all aspects.

LitCoat EL for Paramagnetic car paint.

LitCoat EL can be used in solvent and water based paints/coatings and can be used in 2K paints. (Mix it prior adding hardener).
With this EL package you can adjust the paint system to your own standards and foremost towards the application, such as paramagnetic paint – with obtaining additional colors EL Color.

How To LitCoat Paramagnetic car paint.

A paramagneticpaint application is a set of 2 or 3 sandwiched layers. Each layer is transparent /shine through. So first is “LC1” as the first layer – followed by “LC2” – “LC3 Green” – and followed again by “LC1” (the above) final layer of the first set. This sequence should be repeated 2 or 3 times, changing LC3 into another color at each sequence.  It is very important to allow the maximum drying time for each layer and each set of the application.

Just some more general info about it:

“Sandwiched layers” Sounds technical right? Well, it is just a matter of spraying it correctly. Once correctly applied you can energize the layers 1 – 2 – 3 or simultaneously 2 -3 or simultaneously 1 -2 or 1 -3 as multilayer will provide together a new color.

Not energized is color 1
Energized layer 1 is color 2
Energized layer 2 is color 3
Energized layer 1 + layer 2 is color 4

The paramagnetic paint or color changing paint colors are given by the special formulated LitCoat enhanced pigment layers and differentiation in layer structure. Of-course you have to do some R&D for your desired settings and that goes with some trial and error but I consider this as the fun part.
Paramagnetic Paint or LitCoat color changing paint system is the most exclusive paint tuning to exist.

It goes on as every car paint.

Once the color changing paint layers are applied you apply your own clear top coat. As you know: car clear coat protects against weathering, ultraviolet rays and everyday wear. Besides that, LitCoat color changing paints are UV resistant.
Electroluminescent paint developments are rapidly integrating within new revenue generating projects. We think that one single layer tuning paint structure is providing already the most exclusive awesomeness possible, wouldn’t you agree?

Be your own Luminous EL Paint Specialist with advanced highest quality nanotechnologies at the lowest cost possible.
For Professionals in the automotive Industry whom want to be on top of the game!
LitCoat is light to been seen, it improves visibility and can be life-saving, especially on motorcycles, cars and helmets. It provides also functional lighting, and aesthetic lighting.
• Automotive interior & exterior parts
• Motorcycles
• Aerospace
• Helmets
• Signage
• Technical textiles – A technical textile is a textile product manufactured for non-aesthetic purposes, where function is the primary criterion.

The limitations are up to the creativity of its user and can be applied in different colors. Turn your spray-booth in a revenue making LitCoat application centre. Be your own Lumi specialist with advanced highest quality nanotechnologies at the lowest cost possible.

Simply mix it within your own clear or intercoat. ( There really is no right or wrong way. It’s all based on testing out what works for you and experience. Mixing is the same as when using pearl or flakes)

From principle it is actually simple to apply. You will need to develop your own feeling for it as it just needs some practice.

Before you start and this is general practice as you know, always apply primer first. Apply the primer on the object you want to use the LitCoat for. The primer makes the object neutral, in other words you neutralize and isolate your object.

Why use a primer?

Let us assume we want to apply “LitCoat” on a car or motorbike part. As the chassis of the car or motor bike is metal and conductive, we want to isolate that part with using first a standard primer before applying the LitCoat.

One key element: Isolate the power remittance layers from each other to avoid short-circuit. Simple rule of thumb is to apply it as a coat of clear, a thin coat. It must be applied as a conformal coating layer.

Always be patience, it is simple a matter of logic. Mistakes do happen and are valuable for the learning curve.

Why order LitCoat?

LitCoat or LitCoating is premium plus in all aspects. LitCoat uses the best raw materials on the market. We spend time in researching the market constantly for new developments. We are offering our High quality materials at the most reasonable prices to make it affordable for anyone who wants to apply LitCoat electroluminescent paint. Because of the quality of the Electroluminescent paint raw materials we are ensured that the lifetime of our products is more than average. Please contact us for any more inquiries here.

LitCoat EL can be used in solvent and water based paints/coatings and can be used in 2K paints.
With this EL package you can adjust the electroluminescent paint system to your own standards and foremost: towards the application, such as paramagnetic paint – with obtaining additional colors EL Color

From principle it is actually simple to apply. You will need to develop your own feeling for it as it needs practice to get your handle on it.

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