MXene energy storage

MXene batteries are a significant development for all industries reliant on energy leveling or storage. The active materials used in the prototype ultracapacitors is currently producing more than three times the energy density of equivalent commercially available supercapacitors. In addition, …

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Arduino EL Duino Arduino Shield

Arduino EL Duino Arduino Shield Sequence Luminate EL paint with Arduino + EL Duino (Arduino Shield) EL Sequencer is a board that contains an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, and circuitry for controlling up to eight fields of litcoat electroluminescent paint.

World’s first Light emitting coating to light up skies on Airbus jets

Toulouse, France, June 11, 2015, Light emitting coating taking flight in the aerospace industry

Aircelle (Safran)’s highly innovative method to display logos, advertising or other messaging with thin electro-luminescent markings on airliners and business jets has been unveiled during its first flight aboard an Airbus A380.

In an evaluation performed June 8 2015 during the nighttime hours, the A380 testbed aircraft’s no. 1 outboard engine nacelle was outfitted with an Aircelle electro-luminescent display configured as an illuminated Airbus logo. Thanks to this flight, Aircelle was able to demonstrate the marking’s brightness, clarity and readability – confirming its outstanding visibility at various lighting conditions and distances.

With the thickness of a decal, the “Illuminate the Sky by Aircelle” patented solution can be easily modified and reprogrammed, allowing for a variety of images or messages to be displayed and changed. It is capable of showing a full range of graphics, patterns and animations, with placement almost anywhere on an aircraft – from the fuselage and under-fuselage belly to the engine nacelles and tail.

(We know it is outdated news but still interesting today as it is the first EL paint on plane.)