OEM Original LitCoat EL paint Manufacturer

May 22, 2014 – Seeing the overwhelming interest in LitCoat EL paint with the amazing characteristic that it is self-light emitting paint, you might want to consider to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or better to turn yourself in an original electroluminescent paint system manufacturer.

Electroluminescent EL paint has a huge marketability, sell it to all the auto body shops, furniture and Signage shops as a multi component set.

Worldwide there is a huge market. The grow curve will go very fast as the majority of custom auto body shops will take some gallons in stock anyway.

Each industry with a way to use this paint, for example, night clubs could use this for aesthetics on their bar tops and Signage could produce for any industry with this paint, like what was said, the possibilities are endless.

You need the insights and have the understanding of the mechanics involved.

We provide white label solutions on all components and this means you have it as your own product. You give it a different name and market the product as your own.

The world is a huge economical incubator and from logistics a real challenge.

Contact us if you want the edge for OEM Original EL paint system Manufacturer and sell it as your own manufactured product.