OEM/ODM Thermic Paint

Thermic Paint is about sufficing continuous network for transport of electrons as that determines the P Wattage used as being the product from V x A. The electron acceptors enhance the charge transfer resulting in better stability, hence more and faster rapid heat.
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We offer OEM/ODM services. 10 liter Masterbatch Thermic Paint.

1 liter Masterbatch Thermic Paint concentrate is sufficient for 5-6 liter so instead of using powders, you use wet “sludge” Thermic Paint

Master-batch, there is no dust, just high sheer stirring ratio 1:5 with the materials that are probably easy available within your country.
Thermic Paint advantages are:
1) that it uses less power when providing higher (FIR) temperatures,
2) heats up faster, In seconds, not minutes..
3) you need by far less coating as compared to other heat paint and is therefore cheaper and more economic.
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