Electroluminescent paint system secrets revealed!

How to make the Electroluminescent paint is actually something very simple, cheap, and not that difficult to apply.
LitCoat formulates how to produce the EL paint and all the steps in how to apply, that being said and as such: EL paint are layers working together and as such there is no “EL paint” itself.

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Free electroluminescent coating system basic course:

It is all about understanding the mechanics and to act on it by eliminating the hurdles (Edges or ridge)

The secret of electroluminescent paint is systems is to avoid with the first layer (LC1 back-plane) the build-up of a ridge or edge towards the masking tape.
With regular masking tape, paint spray will build up on the edge. This build up will form a ridge when dried. Once the tape is removed, you are left with a rough tape line equal to the tape thickness.