LitCoat is light emitting coating

Light emitting paint – LitCoat is light emitting paint based on Nanotechnology.


LitCoat™ is the next leap forward in paint.

LitCoat is nano coating and consist of spray paint layers working together:

  • (1) LitCoat 1 – LC1
  • (2) LitCoat 2 – LC2
  • (3) LitCoat 3 – LC3
  • (4) LitCoat 4 – LC4
  • (5) Top layer. Encapsulate and seal the EL paint system with transparent coating

LitCoat light emitting paint has a simple but unique formulation, LitCoat is compatible with both solvent-based and water-borne based automotive clear coats formulas.

The LitCoat 1 – 2 – 3 – and 4 layers needs only to be applied very thin and 1 – 2 mils per layer is sufficient if applied conformal

LitCoat functional mechanism is interconnecting three-dimensional networks of particles to form a network of electronic conductors, the networks (power remittance layers) provide a pathway for the flow of electrons to engage the Electroluminescence within the coating.

Sounds technical right? Well, it is just a matter of spraying it correctly and we recommend using single action airbrush or HVLP equipment. It perfectly atomizes the LitCoat electroluminescent paint layers for LitCoat 1 – LitCoat 2 – LitCoat 3 – and LitCoat 4 paint layers. On fabric you can screen print the EL paint layer system.

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It is not complicated and the basics are just 3 paints (2 layer are conductive and one is transparent and conductive) as the LitCoat 1 paint and the LitCoat 4 paint is used to sandwich the LitCoat 2 and LitCoat 3 paint layer.

LitCoat light emitting paint has a huge marketability, sell it to all the auto body shops, furniture and Signage shops as a multi component set. Worldwide there is a Huge market.
Each industry with a way to use this paint, for example, night clubs could use this for aesthetics on their bar tops and Signage could produce for any industry with this paint, like what was said, the possibilities are endless. Color changing paint or paramagnetic paint are within the possibilities.

Once you have obtained the insights on electroluminescent paint and know about the materials needed and how the work/what they do and how to apply correctly without short-circuit you can take full advantages to commercialize and monetize your skills.

Please take notice: LitCoat is not intended for non professionals in the coating sector. We assume you have a professional background related to the coating industry enabling us to assist and serve you better.

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