IoT Heating with Thermic Paint

IoT (Internet of Things) heating with Thermic Paint. What is the biggest cost in your home? It is heating!

Q: How IoT with Thermic Paint can save your energy consumption?

A: Very simple, use Wi-Fi Humidity & Temperature sensor + WiFi-operated Relay Switch, you can control your IoT heating from your phone and get all information’s on your screen. It is that simple and the costs are unbelievable affordable.

Shelly products are the most brilliant products within its range.
Shelly Wi-Fi Humidity & Temperature sensor is around €25
Shelly WiFi-operated Relay Switch is around €20
The App Shelly cloud connected is free.

We do not make above items as they are from third parties but will link our Thermic Paint buyers to them as they have partners in many countries with awesome support.
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