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Chapeau to EL Maestro Alessandro!

Italian motorcycles MV Agusta Style Tron presentation at the Motor show.
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Our products are 100% water based. The brightness of our products is three times higher when compared to others at the same drive voltage. Electroluminescent Illuminated Color Changing Paint System for Decorative uses. As a matter of fact, our product runs at slightly lower voltage with as result increased half-life when compared to others. Obviously, color and brightness can vary based on inverter and the driving field of light.
The sequence is from principle always the same:
(1) LitCoat power remittance layer.
(2) LitCoat Isolator layer.
(3) LitCoat Pigment layer.
(3.5) LitCoat Anchor layer
(4) LitCoat power remittance layer.
(5) Sealing clear coat – (use your own clear coat or airbrushing, tinted clear coats, colored top coats, hydro-graphics, etc.) to create special artistic effects.
From principle it is actually simple to apply. You will need to develop your own feeling for it as it needs practice to get your handle on it. Do not waste money on expensive “classes” as it is better to buy materials instead and use our free guidance’s that comes with the products and support.


EL sticker super adhesive and can be tailor or OEM/ODM made. EL Wrap it on your bicycle, motorcycle, car, cloth, plane, or just anything that needs to be seen. Electroluminescent half-life is no issue as you just get another sticker wrap when desired. Very robust and state of the art. Get Lit by LitCoat the 2nd generation electroluminescent sticker wrap paint system.

2nd generation electroluminescent EL color changing paramagnetic paint color change true frequency Hz alternation. Hear the very short “hiss” sound of using minimal materials out for your spray gun! Minimum material use is simply required.

Blinking or stroboscopic of LitCoat electroluminescent paint is preferable as it doubles or triples half-life.

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