LitCoat is Illuminating paint

Illuminating paint, Luminous paint or luminescent paint is paint that exhibits luminescence.
Photons, Illuminating
LitCoat Illuminating paint is an electroluminescent multilayer paint formulation enabling you to enter this mind-boggling market opportunity with even something far more better regarding flexibility in application and appliance.

Electroluminescent multi-layer Wiring

Wiring conductive paint with standard driver electronics.

When an alternating voltage is applied, the build-up of a charge on the two surfaces, effectively produces an increasing field (called an electric field) and this causes the LitCoat pigment within the field to emit light.

The increase in voltage in one direction increases the field and this causes a current to flow. The voltage then decreases and rises in the opposite direction. This also causes a current to flow. The net result is a current flows into (commonly thought of as “through”) the electroluminescent layer and thus energy is delivered to the panel. This energy is converted to light via the panel and this conversion is a very efficient process since no heat is produced in the process.

This makes electroluminescent light a very efficient form of illumination and is so awesome when applied on any subject.

Once you have the knowledge you can use it within your own creativity. The wiring conductive paint driver technology provides a huge range of fantastic effects.

Start right now with just mixing your own paint in it – and create your own business.

Get creative and Paint real light on any surface you want. Start offering your services as auto body shop, Start your own local business or just enjoy it.

With LitCoat you simply can paint it.

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