Thermic coating systems ltd, Heating with the latest technology, infrared thermic paint systems with only 24 volts

Welcome to the future of new heating systems

Development of radiant heating

In the beginning there was fire and of course the sun. The first and most natural radiant heating.
It is even more modern today using the simple active principles with the new Thermic paints.
Moving developments have occurred in the heating market in the recent past. From convection heating it went to radiant heating. From the first obsolete models based on marble, it went on to panels with porcelain surfaces. And then all systems were simultaneously replaced by the new type of heating based on matting.
Now we are at the last point of development for the time being. Radiant heating in the low voltage range by simply applying our protected technology.
Many years of experience. Hundreds of test customers and a multitude of mixtures and trials have helped us to find the ideal mixture for the Thermic paint, which ideally distributes the heat and at the same time heats incredibly economically.
In fact, we assume that the entire heating and insulation market is no longer necessary. Put an end to the tailoring of money for an entire industry!

What gives Thermic Coating Systems ltd., the expertise to claim to sell the best heating in the big wide world of heating.
Well, very simple:
Our satisfied test customers have come together to develop the optimal heating system.
Simple physics
The resistance depends on the layer thickness. The current flow depends on the resistance and the applied voltage. The surface temperature depends on the current flow and the heat in the room on the switch-on time of the heating with the mentioned current flow.
The heating output is calculated simply by multiplying the current flow and voltage. Power multiplied by the switch-on time then gives the energy that is equivalent to the heat in the same unit.
Transformers are used to supply the heating with electricity. These transformers use the voltage down from the mains voltage to the operating voltage. The low voltage makes it possible to drive nails through the paintwork and mats or lose entire parts of the heater, but it still works.
The combination of the products is particularly useful for applications on concrete surfaces. With normal walls made of brick or wood, heating without insulation is sufficient.
The product has an almost unlimited lifespan and does not require any maintenance. On the other hand, it also saves a lot of energy.

Heating as a coating on walls, ceilings or floors.
Thermic coating systems ltd., – that stands for a revolutionary direct surface heating as an ultra-flat approx. 0.4 mm thin heating coating for walls, ceilings and floors. Thermic paint is operated with 24 volt low voltage and emits radiant heat, which does not pollute the environment and at the same time saves energy, as the ambient temperature is higher than the room air temperature.
Regardless of whether it is an old or new building or just as additional heating – Thermic paint is versatile and can easily be installed in stages or implemented at a later date.

Our role model warmth from nature.
Infrared heat can be compared with comfortable sun rays. The sun emits a broad spectrum of radiation that we know as visible light, heat and UV radiation. The heat that we ourselves radiate through our body through the skin corresponds to the same radiation band as our Thermic paint coating. That is why we perceive this warmth as so incomparably beneficial. We are talking about deep heat, as we know it from health-promoting infrared heating cabins.

Maintenance-free & future-oriented
With Thermic paint, you not only heat CO 2 -free, but above all absolutely maintenance-free. The heating output remains unrestricted and unimpaired even after years. The components of this heating system consist of the heating paint (adhesive and copper tapes, fleece), a control device, a digital thermostat, a floor sensor (for floor heating systems) as well as a cable set and transformers.

Inexpensive heating with electricity
The Thermic paint 24-volt low voltage technology is absolutely harmless and allows a risk-free, immediate placement of the heating coating on the wall, on ceilings and under floor coverings. At the same time, Thermic paint works absolutely noiselessly and without energy losses. The system is subsequently compatible with other energy sources. With green electricity or photovoltaics, you get a heating solution that already meets the needs of tomorrow today.

Heating with infrared technology
Thermic paint scores with future-oriented energy efficiency, as the energy introduced into the heating coating is converted directly into heat – without line losses and without CO 2 emissions. In addition, the heating coating is located directly on the wall or under the floor or ceiling covering, which enables very dynamic heating behavior with a very fast response time. This saves time and money.

How does infrared radiation work?
Similar to the natural solar radiation that penetrates the air, the Thermic paint surface heating ensures that comfortable temperatures are reached much faster. Your health benefits from this, as the clean air, which remains cool, is neither dried out nor stirred up. The result is a pleasant room climate that allergy sufferers can breathe easy. The even and area-wide heating of the walls and objects also prevents the formation of condensation. This removes the breeding ground for the mold. Damp walls dry out.

Advantages of infrared technology
The infrared technology from Thermic paint is unrivaled progress and convinces with a long list of advantages. In economic terms, Thermic paint scores with low investment costs and absolutely maintenance-free. From an ecological point of view, Thermic paint stands out as a radiant heating system with a long operating time and can be operated 100% regeneratively. The health benefits are also obvious: Thermic paint ensures a pleasant room climate, is allergy-friendly and prevents the formation of mold.

Question answer
Question: How healthy is infrared radiation and what are the advantages?
Answer: In addition to visible light and harmful UV radiation, the sun also emits infrared rays. These are converted into heat when they hit the earth’s surface. We perceive this warmth as pleasant and beneficial. This positive effect has been confirmed in numerous scientific studies. Another advantage of infrared heating is the way it works. When heated, the air is penetrated. This maintains a constantly high level of humidity and prevents room air circulations that stir up dust. This guarantees the best air quality, also for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.