LitCoat EL Layer and the luminescence current density properties

Current Density – The LitCoat EL Layer luminescence properties. The performance of electroluminescent paint system with the LitCoat EL Layer at thickness 30 μm was shown to have a higher luminance than that of thickness at 10 μm and 50 μm at the same operation voltage. Moreover, all thickness had a 20 V of voltage for initial light emission. The electrical and luminance properties of EL paint with LitCoat EL Layer change in thickness at 30 μm were 41.9 A/m2 (current density) which were more than those of the other thickness. The optimal thickness of the LitCoat EL Layer for the litcoat light emitting coating system was thickness 30 μm, which results in significant increase of electroluminesence efficiency or current density.

The highest voltage of the initial light emission and intensity were thickness of 30 μm due to the thickness more than 30 μm cause the mean free path of the electron area on the surface of LitCoat EL Layer is suitable and the efficient faradaic current flow through at LitCoat EL Layer are decreased.

Layer thickness reaching 30um with one time spraying – When applying the LitCoat EL Layer, the spraying time and the distance should be constant. Even the spraying angle. To spray coat thin film resists i.e. the substrate has to be spinned while being sprayed for good results or better good current density.

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