Boost converter – step up the voltage

Within electroluminescent the intensity of light can be adjusted when you provide more input voltage to your EL inverter.

For example this boost converter is able to step up the voltage from 9VDC to 18VDC and that make a huge on your light intensity. They are not expensive and available for just around 7 dollar.
• Input voltage: DC3-34V;Output voltage: DC 4-35V(Continuously adjustable);Max input current:3A;Max output current:2.5A.
• With the function of voltmeter, can display the voltage of both input and output, high accuracy(+/-0.1V), wide measuring range(DC 0-40V).
• Short press the button can switch the voltage display between input and output, red LED lights on when testing input voltage and green LED lights on when testing output voltage.
• Press and hold the button 3sec can shut down the LED display, press it again can open it.
• With wiring terminals, can be conveniently used without soldering, and the module also have solder wire connection point.
• Dimensions: 2 9/16″ x 1 3/8″

LitCoat functional mechanism is interconnecting three-dimensional networks of particles to form a network of electronic conductors, the networks (power remittance layers) provide a pathway for the flow of electrons to engage the Electroluminescence within the coating.

Sounds technical right? Well, it is just a matter of spraying it correctly and we recommend using single action airbrush or HVLP equipment. It perfectly atomizes the LitCoat electroluminescent paint layers for LitCoat 1 – LitCoat 2 – LitCoat 3 and LitCoat 4 paint layers. On fabric you can screen print the EL paint layer system.

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LitCoat 1 (8 oz.) – Power remittance layer.
LitCoat 2 (2 oz.) – Isolates the 2 power remittance layers. in powder form, simply mix in acrylic binder/medium or clear coat.
LitCoat 3 (2 oz.) – LitCoat color layer. in powder form, simply mix in acrylic binder/medium or clear coat.
LitCoat 4 (8 oz.) – Power remittance layer transparent.

It is not complicated and the basics are just 3 paints (2 layer are conductive and one is transparent and conductive) as the LitCoat 1 paint and the LitCoat 4 paint is used to sandwich the LitCoat 2 and LitCoat 3 paint layer.