AIWAYS aiways U5 Ion Electric SUV painted with light?

Light emitting paint or electroluminescent paint could be the game changer for electric cars. AIWAYS is a manufacturer of smart electric car, based in Shanghai.
AIWAYS’ two core technologies are electric drive and artificial intelligence. It covers the three major areas of travel services, automobile retail, and energy operation.

The Chinese start-up Jiangxi Aiways Entity has presented the first photos of the U5 Ion, an SUV that will make its world debut in China later this month.

The Chinese start-up Jiangxi Aiways Entity has, for the technical development of its future portfolio, of which this U5 Ion will be part of, the help of none other than Roland Gumpert, former head of Audi Sport and of course known for the now Apollo brand Gumpert. The partnership is called Gumpert Aiways Automobile.

It is known that Audi E-tron Sportback concept has been flirting with the use of electroluminescent paint on the seats and select door panels. These surfaces gently glow and provide interior lighting without the need for wires, bulbs or even LEDs. You still need to provide a charge for the electroluminescent paint to work, but there’s far less packaging required to power it, making it an almost limit free light source in terms of where to place it.

‘It’s a really big step and it gives us designers a tremendous advantage, because it has a package of just 0.02mm,’ says Mattijs, ‘It’s painting with light and about integrating functions in a very logical way.’

Aiways has big plans with the pure electric cars that it wants to sell. The Chinese government invested roughly 1.7 billion euros last year in the company, which wants to sell 150,000 cars annually. This five-seater U5 Ion uses a modular platform that will also serve as the basis for an electric supercar, a muscle bundle that should be able to sprint in less than three seconds to a speed of 100 km / h. Aiways’ still unnamed supercar will undoubtedly benefit from the knowledge of Gumpert. The extent to which his influence applies to this SUV is not entirely clear yet.

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