EL lighting paint technology, Electroluminescent paint system.

EL (Electroluminescent) lighting paint technology & Electroluminescent paint system

LitCoat is the new EL lighting paint technology and formulates in simple steps the additives that needs to be dispersed within a standard base coat paint. The paints for your Electroluminescent paint system is available locally in any paint shop.

LitCoat is an electroluminescent paint system and are layers working together

  • (1) Conductive
  • (2) Isolating layer
  • (3) EL
  • (4) Conductive layer and then you seal it off with the
  • (5) Top layer.

Electroluminescent Paint and Coating Materials
Our extended LitCoat Electroluminescent composition services offers to replace the matrix by any basecoat or resins you choose to work with.

Why would this be significant? We know you achieve better results if you can work with materials that you are useing or already work with.

If you are used with working with brands as: Lechler, MaxMeyer, DuPont, Sherwin Williams, PPG, Lesonal, Sikkens, Standbox, Nexa Autocolor, Spies Hecker, R-M, Glasurit, Limco, or Wanda and we turn them into electroluminescent paint.

LitCoat even can reformulate it a step further, you could use any-kind of polymer, resins or paint. Wear and tear is as self-explanatory different when using acrylic paint within the Electroluminescent paint system.

Paint based on Electroluminescence provides that it can be applied on everything that you can paint.  You can turn every-paint in liquid light with our electroluminescent paint formulation and materials.

We have assisted Racing houses, Custom auto body shops, Private Companies, and many other companies.

LitCoat Electroluminescent paint system is set to provide as such more insights with being as detailed as possible without using technical jargon.

It has all the links, how to change the colors, how to light up your paint and how to wire and some handy but crucial tips.

We assist all clients whom have obtained our formulations one on one.