We are looking for the right partners!

Color changing paint is an aqueous non-hazardous substance and non-dangerous. Aqueous means water-based or waterborne paint.

You definitely want to have this! This is a game changer and as you can see on the video it is mind-blowing.

Control the Color of the Color!

My name is Hans Johannes and I’m the owner of the LitCoat operations.
I Guarantee you utmost satisfaction! This is a game changer and as you can see on the video it is mind-blowing.
We are looking for the right partners!
How to become our color changing paint partner?
After 7 years of being in the EL coating business, we select our partners carefully. First you need to be our client – and that is simple, you purchase materials/bundles from our website: https://www.litcoat.com/shop
When you do that, you will receive your order confirmation along with our invoice containing your details and on “receipt of your payment”, we will ship the goods to your confirmed address by FedEx.
Second step is with being our client, you can start discussing “exclusive” partner agreement, as by then you understand the product and you can negotiate prices based on volume.
This is standard procedure and you certainly will agree that this is simple logic, right?
Once you have the materials you can be already our partner until we finalize your “exclusivity” terms.
The brightness of our products is three times higher when compared to others at the same drive voltage. As a matter of fact, our product runs at slightly lower voltage with as result increased half-life when compared to others. Obviously, color, color changing and brightness can vary based on inverter and the driving field of light. We offer real brightness with lower voltage and increased half-life, we are talking about real added value to your operation. The art here is using less paint with each of the 5 layers!

I look forward to work with you!

Hans Johannes.

Bicycle that lights up is all about increasing your visibility and with increasing your speed, your visibility increases, thanks to the 12V 6Watt bicycle light dynamo generator.
The 12V 6Watt bicycle light dynamo generator is powering up the awesome 2nd generation electroluminescent paint system, resulting in the most stunning bicycle that lights up.

Blinking or stroboscopic of LitCoat electroluminescent paint is preferable as it doubles or triples half-life.

Which country uses the most bicycles? or better – where are the people that would benefit from the Bicycle that lights up?

  • 1. Country of cyclists – Dutch People: 16,652,800 Bicycles: 16,500,000 Cyclists: ~99.1%
  • 2. Denmark People: 5,560,628 Bicycles: 4,500,000 Cyclists: ~80.1%
  • 3. Germany People: 81,802,000 Bicycles: 62,000,000 Cyclists: ~75.8%
  • 4. Sweden People: 9,418,732 Bicycles: 6,000,000 Cyclists: ~63.7%
  • 5. Norway People: 4,943,000 Bicycles: 3,000,000 Cyclists: ~60.7%
  • 6. Finland People: 5,380,200 Bicycles: 3,250,000 Cyclists: ~60.4%
  • 7. Japan People: 127,370,000 Bicycles: 72,540,000 Cyclists: ~56.9%
  • 8. Switzerland People: 7,782,900 Bycicles: 3,800,000 Cyclists: ~48.8%
  • 9. Belgium People: 10,827,519 Bicycles: 5,200,000 Cyclists: ~48%
  • 10. China People: 1,342,700,000 Bicycles: >500,000,000 Cyclists: >37.2%

For comparison:
USA People: 310,936,000 Bicycles: 100,000,000 Bicylists: ~32,2%
In the USA only 0,9% of all trips are made by bike. The average distance cycled per person is 0.1 km.

Is there anyone that wants a Bicycle that lights up? You think body-shops will offer this body shop Bicycle that lights up customization to clients?