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Thermic paint is an aqueous an allotrope of carbon in the form of single layers of atoms in a two-dimensional non-hazardous substance and non-dangerous. Aqueous means water-based or waterborne paint

You definitely want to have Thermic paint! This is a heating game changer.

It goes without saying that our business principle and goal is simply as priority the achievement in more volume and sales.
Our business model/concept is B2B and re-sellers can go for B2C. We sell materials and do not provide painted samples.
We are always looking for the right reliable partners.

LitCoat is a small team of 5 brilliant people who are all specialists within their own fields and who are dedicated to serve our worldwide clients as best as possible 24/7. The reason why we keep it simple, is to offer LitCoat at lower reasonable price and for anyone to enjoy. No pony and dog shows, just the K.I.S.S. principle. This is our successful formula for more than 5 years.

We have many collaborations with major companies based on our unique expertise and environmental friendly qualities.
All LitCoat products are Non Hazardous, Non Dangerous, Non Toxic, adheres to all rules and regulations, shipped world-wide.

We are expanding our markets and brands to Europe, Asia and ship from fast from different logistical places.

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