Thermic paint, highest infrared heat radiation lowest energy consumption.

Thermic paint provides infrared heating on low voltage, now you can paint any wall, ceiling or floor into a infrared heating panel!

We are about the advantages of low thermal mass, meaning quicker-heat up rate, improved controllability (by IoT) and therefore economy to the user.

Thermic Paint advantages are:
1) that it uses less power when providing higher (FIR) temperatures,
2) heats up faster, In seconds, not minutes..
3) you need by far less coating as compared to other heat paint and is therefore cheaper and more economic.

Thermic Paint highest infrared heat radiation lowest energy consumption

Thermic Paint is the absolute TOP within all infrared heating panels. In all infrared heating panel reviews the advantage here is that you simply paint your wall into a infrared heating panel! Our forecast: In less than 12 years there will be no more convection heaters. Thermic Paint highest infrared heat radiation lowest energy consumption.

Paint any wall, ceiling or floor into a infrared heating panel! Large seized Infrared heaters on low temperature on walls and ceilings are the future’! Thermic Paint highest infrared heat radiation lowest energy consumption!

The modern infrared heating panels are integrated on the wall!

More than 50% of the required heat load can be saved with an efficient IoT heating layout and intelligent control of the infrared heating system. Infrared heaters can reduce the required heat needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in a building (heat load), by at least 15 – 50 percent.

Thermic Paint infrared heating systems use the exceptional heating power of modern water-based carbon specialty coatings. Carbon, as you know has particle size: 300 mesh (95% <53µm) – whereas Thermic Paint has as thickness of only <2 nm max.

If these wafer-thin coatings are connected to a low-current circuit, it is possible to produce real “feel-good heat” in a highly efficient, safe and cost-effective manner according to the radiant heating principle.

  • Cozy natural radiant heat
  • Highly efficient and safe
  • Invisible surface heating (wall, ceiling or floor)
  • Perfect as additional or main heating
  • For cold walls in old buildings
  • Simple technology with low-voltage connection
  • Environmentally friendly, solvent-free and low in pollutants *
  • Can be combined with photovoltaic and storage technology
  • Favorable in purchase and operation

IoT heating, Electrically heated wall paint – “Looks like paint, is applied like paint, warms like a stove”

Thermic Paint is the heatable carbonaceous paint in the infrared heating range. It is solvent-free, low in pollutants and as quick and easy to apply as any other paint – either with rollers or with a sprayer.
The infrared heating is operated electrically by applying safe low voltage (24 V) to the thin heating layer.
Thermic Paint is invisible to the eye, because the liquid infrared heater can be painted over with standard colors.

  • Thermic Paint infrared heating advantages at a glance:
  • comfortable radiant heat
  • stylish and invisible surface heating
  • quick and easy to apply using paint rollers or paint sprayers
  • ideal as additional or main heating
  • water-based, solvent-free and low in pollutants *
  • safe low-voltage technology (24 V)
  • highly conductive through innovative carbon technology
  • high quality of workmanship due to excellent coating properties
  • designed as a complete system
  • nearly unlimited durability, needs no maintenance at all.
  • runs on very low voltage, which makes it possible to drill nails through the paint or to put in new sockets without any problems – thermic paint will continue to do its work.

* The volatile organic content (VOC) of 0.1 g / l is 200 times lower than the EU limit for wall paints.

With an area of ​​1m² and a heating capacity of 100 to 250 watt / ​​1m² heating surface, Thermic Paint achieves a surface temperature of 48°C – so few areas of ​​1m² Thermic Paint on walls or ceilings achieve 100% warm living comfort @ most economical factor possible. 8m²/Liter. To heat 25m² living room, you need six square meters 6m² of heating paint.

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