Paramagnetic paint

Paramagnetic paint is electroluminescent paint with different layers (colors) combined. Paramagnetic paint is paint with the ability to simply change color when it is receiving electricity and this change is called electroluminescence.

Color changing paint is called paramagnetic paint.

Nothing is better as trying it for real.
It goes on as any normal clear coat that you spay-paint. It is in different layers. It is powered by 12V inverter.(is included)

The sequence is from principle always the same:
(1) power remittance layer – LitCoat1 under/below (Leave spot open for connection point to inverter)
(2) Isolator layer – LitCoat2
(3) LitCoat Pigment layer – LitCoat3
(4) power remittance layer – LitCoat4 above/top (Leave spot open for connection point to inverter)
(5) Sealing clear coat – (use your own clear coat)

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We received many question about paramagnetic paint and basically the questions were about if I could explain how to procedure the color changing paint and how to create multi colors on a panel and then make it change colors. Mind you, paramagnetic paint is within constantly R&D as there are many new improved emerging materials available or new nano materials or combinations thereof.

You can do it with using 2 or 3 sets of the sandwiched layers as shown in the above slider on this page, as they are opaque and shine through each-other. So first is “LitCoat1″ as the first or beneath/under layer – followed by “LitCoat2″ – “LitCoat3 Green” – and followed by “LitCoat4″ above – and you repeat the structure with “LitCoat2″ – “LitCoat3 Blue” – “LitCoat4″  – “LitCoat2″ – “LitCoat3 Orange” – “LitCoat4″ top/above – and the final protection layer.
The LitCoat4 above- 2 and 3 needs only to be applied very thin. 1 – 2 mils (0.025 – 0.05 mm) per layer is sufficient if applied conformal.

Just some more general info about it:

“Sandwiched layers” Sounds technical right? Well, it is just a matter of spraying it correctly. Once correctly applied you can energize the layers 1 – 2 – 3 or simultaneously 2 -3 or simultaneously 1 -2 or 1 -3 as multilayer will provide together a new color.

Not energized is color 1
Energized layer 1 is color 2
Energized layer 2 is color 3
Energized layer 1 + layer 2 is color 4

paramagnetic paint

The paramagnetic paint or color changing paint colors are given by the special formulated LitCoat enhanced pigment layers and differentiation in layer structure. Of-course you have to do some R&D for your desired settings and that goes with some trial and error but I consider this as the fun part.

Paramagnetic Paint or LitCoat color changing paint system is the most exclusive paint tuning to exist.

It goes on as every car paint. Once the color changing paint layers are applied you apply your own clear top coat. As you know: car clear coat protects against weathering, ultraviolet rays and everyday wear. Besides that, LitCoat color changing paints are UV resistant.

Electroluminescent paint developments are rapidly integrating within new revenue generating projects. We think that one single layer tuning paint structure is providing already the most exclusive awesomeness possible, wouldn’t you agree?

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