LitCoat™ electroluminescent paint inventions. 

LitCoat™ electroluminescent paint systems provides coating systems that can be turned-on or turned-off or coatings that can lit.

LitCoat™ light intensity can go from mild to wild and is setting new standards being the real McCoy in the automotive aftermarket.

LitCoat™ is the most exclusive tuning paint to exist and goes under many synonyms such as: Tuning Paint, Electro Paint, Electroluminescent Paint, Paramagnetic paint, On Off paint or electroluminescent paint for helmets or fenders.

We have received such an overwhelming response for paramagnetic paint (electroluminescent paint), or LitCoat and the information how to do it, that we have decided to provide the electroluminescent coating paint system to the public.

This will put you miles ahead of your competition. Once you showcase your LitCoat, your clients will line up.

LitCoat™ is the next leap forward in paint.

LitCoat™ can be applied on helmets, motorbikes, cars, bike, boats, etc. The field of application is widely open for exploration and is limited by users imagination.
The coating can be applied onto many different materials.

Including free inverter and free shipping with FedEx starting at only US$898.- for 4x8oz that allows you to start your own research and development or perhaps some awesome business, enabling you to integrate it within your own creativity and application.

LitCoat™ paint that is light emitting, it is the most advanced electroluminescent paint system technology with great and simple usability to apply as DIY on cars, motorbikes, boats, etc.

Quick applied working electroluminescent paint sample on paper. LitCoat can be applied on almost everything. This electroluminescent paint sample on paper was fabricated within 10 minutes and still needs to dry out properly. It was applied with a simple paintbrush but better is to use HVLP equipment and spray-paint the LitCoat electroluminescent paint system on cars, boats, motorbikes, helmets, art crafts, etc.

As self-explanatory brushing will never give the same results as with using HVLP equipment. For those without professional HVLP paint spray systems or equipment we recommend using electrical HVLP sprayers or airless sprayers – they are spot-on – it does do a fantastic job!  Get something with nozzle size 1.5mm – 1.8mm and you are good to go! On Amazon you will find some good and cheap ones.

Electroluminescent paint has the ability to light up when energized and inherently is very simple. When no current is applied it looks like normal paint and when energized the electroluminescence is activated within the EL layer.

LitCoat™ paint layers, or electroluminescent paint, is the result of LitCoat pigment dissolved in a carrier and is sandwiched and electro powered between two power remittance film layers or electrodes.

LitCoat™ responds instantly to current. The LitCoat Pigment only requires a 0.6 mA of current to charge one square to initiate the color change. As you know, Inverter works on any voltage 12v, 24v, 110v, 220v. The power sources are the same as those that drive EL wire and panels today.

LitCoat™ Electroluminescent paint system is not intended for non-professionals in the coating sector. We assume you have a professional background related to the coating industry and have the expert paint sprayer ability to apply the Electroluminescent paint system.

As a chemical pigment specialist, I started developing color changing paint based on electroluminescent back in 2008 in Germany. At that time mainly to improve the electroluminescent spray-painting application vs the screen printing process.

LitCoat™ is the advanced electroluminescent paint formulation enabling you to enter this mind-boggling market opportunity with even something far more better regarding flexibility in application and appliance, as compared to lumilor or elastolite to name a few.

LitCoat™ is by far easier, cheaper and more flexible when it comes to monetizing your skills. With LitCoat you simply can spray-paint “light”.

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